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May 23, 2007


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The draft lottery is a joke! The NBA is the only league with such an asinine way to handle the draft. Every other league does it based on team record. That's the only fair way to handle something like this. Memphis and Boston would be #1 and 2 in any other sports league. Why NBA, why??? I'm not even a Grizzlies or Celtics fan! And I think this is a load of crap!!!

Garza you are an idiot if you think Conley is going to fall to number 10. He wont drop past #5, and you are also an idiot if you think the only reason he was any good was b/c Oden was triple-teamed. If you watched any of Ohio St.'s games last year, which you obviously didn't, then you would know that he carried that team on his shoulders many times during the season.

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