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May 17, 2007


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Jason Kidd is an awesome player, but he is getting old. The Mavs pretty much let Nash go because of age and Kidd is even older than him. And there is no way I'd trade Josh Howard for him. Josh has alot of great years ahead of him and he is the Mavericks #2 player. Personally I still don't think the point position is the weakness as much as not having a low post prescense. Too bad there is no way to unload Dampier.

The Mavs need a Chauncey Billups, a young peppy kind of guy. This Jason Kidd stuff is nonsense. Why not see if Jamal Mashburn and Jimmy Jackson want to come back as well? We could try to get a couple of games scheduled at Reunion and see if Toni Braxton could stop by, too.

The Mavericks need a star point guard. Just look at what Nash did with the Suns. Look at what Billups is doing with the Pistons. All great teams have a stud Point Guard. I think Devin is a good player. I see him as a role similar to Lindsay Hunter of the Pistons. A fast and tough defensive guard off the bench. We have too many swiming players. Maybe we can package Ager, Buckner, and first round pick for a point guard with an expiring contract.

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