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May 09, 2007


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So soon we forget last year when Dirk scored 50 points and had 12 rebounds on the Phoenix Suns taking over to win that game, and eventually that playoff series.

The Suns have yet to make it to the Finals, and Dirk has taken the Mavs there. So maybe Nash should be the one looking to Dirk for advice on how to beat the Spurs.

How quickly everyone forgets what Dirk has done for the Mavericks! It's amazing to me how Nash will always be the poster child to everyone on how to play basketball and as my fellow blogger Drew correctly pointed out Nash has yet to lead the Suns to the finals. True Mavs fans know the value of Dirk Nowitzki even if others will never open their eyes and see the truth.

I agree with both drew and cynthia. I'm not even a mavs fan, but i know, as well as anybody that Dirk is a great player. Even if in the nba 'greatness' is mesasured in rings, i have to say that dirk, unlike steve nash has been to the finals and i hope no one forgets that his squad knocked both the suns and the spurs nowitzki style.

I guess some people are fully satisfied with good regular seasons that never result in championships. I guess that is why they are true Mavs fans.

yup. how quickly we forget the past. go mavs!


The example I gave was from a post season game against the Suns.

The comparison made by Magic was with Nash. Nash hasn't won a championship.

You really need to read what people actually say before you post. Mavs fans do try to express thoughts that make sense, unlike yourself.

Oh yeah. Insulting the one player that positively changed the face of this franchise makes you the best of fans, Alex.

Who cares? Until either of them wins a championship, it doesn't matter how much deeper into the playoffs one gets. And right now, Nash is getting it done for the Suns with big games, while Dirk allowed himself to get taken out of an entire series.

You seem to hang your hat (or Dirk's) on the fact that the Mavs were in the Finals last year. Big deal. He didn't win it all and then disappeared this year in the first round. It's highly questionable that Dirk will ever be able to be the main guy on a championship team.

Alex, I wouldn't give up on Dirk too soon. Granted this isn't the same sport, but people like yourself claimed that Peyton Manning would never win the Super Bowl. Well, I guess pigs are flying, cows can jump over the moon and hell froze over!! Let's not put our foot in our mouth! Dirk isn't retired and I wouldn't make such a bold statement that it will never happen.

Actually, I always thought that Peyton Manning would win a Super Bowl, because the Colts were being built right. Once the team came together, everything fell into place for them.

Basketball is different. It relies on one main guy more than any other team sport. Go back to 1991 and look at the players that have won championships. Jordan, Olajuwan, Duncan, Kobe & Shaq, Wade. With the exception of the 2004 Pistons, every team had a transcendent player that you could rely on at the end of the game. Someone who would take a big shot or come up with clutch plays.

Over Dirk's career, he hasn't shown that ability, and I doubt he ever will. Last year's Spurs series is looking more and more like the exception rather than the rule.

With the exception of Wade and Jordan, you've named players who have a low post game. As long as the Mavs can't provide that, they will continue to come up short. I think it's too late in the game for Dirk to develop a low post game.
Let's not forget that Dirk did lead this team to the Finals. The reason why the Mavs haven't closed the deal is they lack a second superstar to back Dirk up. Every player that you named had the support of a second star. Jordan had Pippen. Like Kobe, Wade had Shaq. In the beginning of Duncan's career, he had David Robinson. Now Duncan has Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. Olajuwon had Clyde Drexler! Where's Dirk's Pippen?
Golden State and Miami exposed the problem. When are the Mavs gonna correct it?

Listen up everybody! Dirk led his team last year to the finals over a depleted Suns team in the WC Finals(No Stoudemire/Bell)and a Injury riddled Spurs team(Duncan had a foot injury and Manu had a back injury) So don't give him too much credit for being great because he did show us just how great in the Finals and the first round this year. I think that he is the problem! I think the aggression and games of Terry,Harris,Howard, and Stackhouse all suffer because they have to defer to someone they know isn't tough and isn't that guy. Oh yeah Michael Jordan was the Bulls post presence based on the triangle for the uneducated.

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