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May 06, 2007


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Why should Dirk feel uncomfortable about being named to the All-NBA team? He is one of the best players in the NBA.

Come on! Stop sensationalizing this playoff series. The Mavs lost to a great team. Dirk had a tough series.

He is still a great NBA player and deserves to be recognized as such. He played like an MVP during the regular season and should accept the award with open arms. It isn't his fault they award it based on regular season play, and not the playoffs.

All of your journalists are such front-running suckers.

We love "front-running suckers" almost as much as we do Baron Davis' beard, Nellie's gut and Jet Terry's faith-based sneakers. On a related note, Steve Nash's nose just stopped bleeding thanks to Sari's heavy breathing and Reese's nonstop licks.

Totally agree. Dirk had a fantastic season and should be honored for it. 67 game wins is nothing to forget just because the Mav's lost in the first round. The Mav's lost as a team, Dirk did not lose the series single handed. I for one would rather have Dirk as an MVP instead of some ball hog, arrogant, tear team apart player like Kobe. Nash had it for two years and I think would be the first to congratulate his buddy Dirk.

I'm a little confused. The 8th-seeded Warriors are now a "great team" because they beat the Mavs. And it's "sensationalizing" to remark on Dirk's 2-13, 8-point performance in an elimination game? And this makes the author a frontrunner? Would you rather everyone view the league through your blue-colored glasses?

Dirk's season was no better than a large handful of players this year. He just seems to be the de facto winner for playing on the team that ran up the most regular season wins. He's one of the least worthy MVP winners in recent memory. (This is all assuming that he does in fact win the award).

well, duh....isn't it usually just a handful of players that are up for MVP? The point is, it seems the press is judging Dirk's merit for MVP on the loss of the series alone and that's not what the MVP award is based on. Like it or not, it's based on the regular season. He was everybody's hero in game 5 and suddenly he's the worst player in the league because of game 6. Avery and the rest of the team share the blame in blowing this series. Sitting Dirk down and allowing GS in the playoffs....not such a good idea in hindsight. What's so bad about wearing blue colored glasses if your a Mav's fan? Better luck next year.


The Warriors were a much better team before they beat the Mavericks. They made a lot of player aquisitions, including Jackson, late in the season.

Heading into the playoffs they had the best record out of the last 20 games of any western conference playoff team. I think it is safe to say they were never a typical 8th seed team.

It's not as if the Mavs lost to the Clippers or New Orleans.

Your logic for why Dirk shouldn't be the MVP blows. It is a regular season award, and Dirk was the MVP on a team that won a record 67 games during the regular season. You don't win that many games by being mediocre. Do you contend that the Mavs could have won 67 games without him?

Yes, I stick to me accusation of sensationalizing. The media is ready to throw out the baby with the bathwater. I don't argue that Dirk played a very bad series. But I disagree that this negates his regular season play. And the MVP award is a regular season award, so Dirk is very deserving

Drew Emmick, couldn't have said it better.

Dirk was and is the MVP of the regular season. And he is the most deserving player no matter what people like you say Alex. How many games do you think the Mavs would've won without Dirk? Do you think they would even have made it to the playoffs without him? He is a Superstar in this league. Teams would KILL to have him on their roster. The Mavericks are an elite team due to Dirk's precense. He had a bad series. Lots of good players have had bad games. That doesn't make Dirk any less of an MVP. I have been rooting all year for Dirk to get this award and He still deserves it above anyone else. Dirk, when you get the award, stand proud baby because you earned it.

I contend that the Mavs are a playoff team without him. But as far as Dirk being the clear-cut MVP of the league...can you pass whatever you're smoking over here?

His numbers are very good. He is a superstar. He's a great guy. But compared to the other MVP candidates, there's nothing that stands out. If you switch Dirk with Kobe, the Lakers miss the playoffs. If you switch Dirk with LeBron, the Cavs are a low seed in the East. If you switch Duncan with Dirk, the Mavs are rolling through the playoffs right now. As they would with Kobe or LeBron or Nash or Boozer.

Dirk played on the best team in the regular season. That shouldn't automatically make him the best player in the league. If anything, his inability to win key games on the "best" team should keep him out of the conversation, and I'm talking regular season here. Remember his meltdown against the Suns, missing free throws and getting a tech in the second overtime?

There are plenty of worthy candidates this year in a season that didn't have any real standout performances. That's why he's winning...by default.

Do you remember his game winning shot against the Suns?

Alex, I think you contradict your own argument.

It couldn't have been any clearer that the Mavs are ultimately helpless with Dirk playing unimpressive basketball. Exhibit one: Game 6 vs. Warriors. And dude, saying that Dirk would win MVP by default is like saying Charles Barkley got his because Michael Jordan was playing like crap.

Since Steve Nash was also mentioned by Alex I thought of something interesting today - Steve Nash has never won an NBA championship. He has never been to the Finals.

Nash is surrounded by ultra talented players. I think the argument could be made that the starting Phoenix five have more natural talent than the Mavs starting five. Yet Phoenix hasn't made it to the Finals, and the Mavs have. In fact, the Mavs beat out Phoenix to get there last year. Dirk was heavily involved in that series.

So saying that if the Mavs switched Dirk with Nash they would still be in the playoffs is crazy-talk. The MVP from last year and the year before has not even made it to the Finals. So why aren't we calling for his number and saying he doesn't come through in the post season?

It's simple, short-sided people like Alex can only judge a player by "What have you done for me lately?" But true fans of the game look at a players complete career when evaluating their performance.

Complete career? I thought we were examining the MVP award for this season?

But you're all right. The fact that Dirk disappears when his team needs him, and the fact that he chokes in clutch situations, and the fact that he faded down the entire second half of this season all demonstrate why he should win the MVP award.

How could I have been so "short-sided (sic)"?


Please read what I am saying carefully -

The MVP award is for the regular season, not the post season. Dirk choked in the post season, not the regular season. You are stuck on his playoff performace but aren't looking at his consistent play throughout the season and his career.

You mention Steve Nash, and then the fact that Dirk missed key free-throws in a Suns game during the regular season. I mentioned that also during the regular season Dirk hit a game-winner against the Suns. The fact that you forget about when Dirk does come through does make you short-sighted, in my opinion. You have to look at Dirk's complete career, and complete season. Not just a game here, a game there.

I also mentioned that Steve Nash has also been able to lead his team to a championship and thus far has not even been able to lead his team to the Finals, and Dirk has. But no one is calling Nash's MVP awards a fluke.

What's the difference? It's the whole "what have you done for me now" mentality. Because Dirk performed badly in the playoffs fans and media are quick to write him off, ignoring what he has accomplished during the season and during his career. True spectators of the game don't do this. When Dirk is on a team that wins the NBA Championship the media will again embrace him.

Give Steve Nash a few years without a NBA Championship and the media will begin saying he doesn't come through in the clutch or that he is the next Peyton Manning.

Drew, I couldn't agree with you more. And Alex, a superstar MVP like Dirk is wwwwwwaaaaayyyyyy more than just his last game. Apparently you didn't watch any of the regular season games or you would know exactly what I'm talking about.

My Lord, when are you people going to actually read what I have written? I never said Dirk shouldn't win the MVP because of his playoff run. I DID say that he shouldn't win the MVP because his regular season was no better than a handful of other players in the league.

But please, keep manipulating what I write to fit your argument.

By the way, what is happening to "THE SINGLE GREATEST 8-SEED TO EVER STEP ON AN NBA COURT"?

Okay...give us examples of how Dirk's play is no better than a handful of others.

All you have mentioned is how he missed key free-throws in the game against the Suns. And to that I mentioned that he also made the game-winning shot against the Suns this season.

Do you have anything else to support what you are saying?

Dirk was the best player on a team that won 67 games. That doesn't happen by accident. The team wouldn't have won even 45 without him.

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