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May 07, 2007


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Ugh. AMEN!

You are right on target Joe. I, myself, put blame on Dirk for Game 6 loss in GS. The reason being that he did not show the aggressiveness in demanding the ball as the Warriors were making a push in 3rd quarter. Having said that, I wonder what Avery did during the timeouts!! He should have pulled Dirk aside and should have told him aggressively that he needs him. Dirk was just taking what the defense gave him. He did not stamp his authority on the game. Having said that, I would put the blame on the staff for not utilizing the centers in the games. GS were guarding 4 Mavs with 5 players. Dirk had two on him all the time!!! They need a play maker. Why not draft someone like Deron Williams from Utah. Did you see the way he played agains GS in the Game 1 of Semifinals yesterday ????

I wish there were more of those Deron Williams/Chris Paul types out there...but there aren't. Also, most of them go in the top 15 of the draft, something the Mavs aren't likely to touch.

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