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May 09, 2007


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I'm rooting for the Spurs (Fin deserves a ring) and the Warriors.

I'm rooting for Golden State. I believe they are much better than an 8th seed with their current line-up and a victory over Utah (and maybe even Phoenix or San Antonio) would prove that.

Go Jazz! No way I am rooting for the Warriors. Let Nellie ball get knocked out in the 2nd round. I hope the Spurs beat the Suns also. I cannot stand the media darling(s) Suns. How ironic is it that nearly all the media thinks the Suns can win a championship with their style of play and yet when the Mavs played the same way, all the media said they couldn't win without defense? I hope the Sun goes down in Phoenix yet again. And if the Spurs and Jazz end up playing each other, then I will decide then who to root for. Although the Spurs are our rivals to the south, I do have alot of respect for them, but the Jazz have only been to the finals one time, so I might root for the underdog. With the way the Jazz are (so far) playing the Warriors, it would be hard not to root for them. I'll just be glad when this season is over and the Mavs can start again, because after all, I'm ALWAYS a MAVS fan.

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