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May 09, 2007


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Yes, I am afraid that the Mavs have no choice but to trade Dirk now. The problem isn't Dirk though. The problem is that the team is built too conventioanlly.. our coach is too conventional.. and his system is too conventional. The only thing this ultra conventional team is missing is an ultra conventional power forward..

For Dirk to be his best he needs to be paired with a low post center. The problem is the Mavs have no way to get a convetional low post center. We have been unable to get one in free agency or trade since Dirk has been here. Our only alternatives are to either totally rebuild the team somehow.. or trade Dirk for a conventional big. I think you could put a conventional defensive power forward in Dirk's place and Avery's system would work better

The best deals I see are either KG or Jermaine O'neal for Dirk. Or to trade Dirk and say Josh Howard to the Lakers for Kobe and Kwame Brown.

YES I would trade Dirk.Last year when Dallas was up two games to zero.Miami came back and won four games straight.And this year Dallas went on to win 67 games,and had the home court through out the playoffs, and didn't beat a eight seed.Not only was Dirk exposed,but so was everyone else.Instead of putting his team on his shoulders ,Dirk was content to step back and be a role player and wait for someone else to lead.I'll take my chance's on Kevin Garnett.

I would not trade Dirk. He is too good of a player, and the Mavs have already traded great players and had regrets (remember Steve Nash?).

But I do agree with Esteban's points. We do need a conventional forward. I don't think we need an all-star, but just a solid conventional low-post forward to back Dirk up.

On a radio show Stackhouse talked about how their current lineup can beat almost any team, but there are a few like Golden State that they don't match up well with.

Instead of revamping the team for those few mismatches I think we need to have backups on the bench that can come in and play a strong low-post game.

I know this is far out there, but bringing in an old accomplished veteran would help. We could use them like the Heat used Alonzo Mourning last year to fill up the paint.

Just the thought of trading a player like Dirk Nowitzki is completely stupid.

Drew, good post. The thing is.. I feel that the Mavs don't just have problems with teams like Golden State.. these teams just expose our weaknesses more than others. But these same weaknesses might not appear as bad against other teams in regular season games but they are still there.. and in the playoffs they are just as deadly against any team the Mavs face. Nellie just knew it more than anyone.. but I felt we weren't going to get out of the WCF for the same reason.. and I feel we could have lost to the Lakers or anyone else just as easily as Golden State. The MAvs are a one-man-team in the playoffs IMO. The thing you have to remember is the Mavs had a very lucky run in the playoffs the season before. We were lucky to get by an injured Spurs and Suns team. Duncan wasn't himself and Amare wasn't even there. I think the Mavs even over-acheived against those teams as well. I think we would have been wise to make some significant changes, last summer at the very least.

I wouldn't trade for KG. Garnett hasn't had anymore success in the playoffs than Dirk. Plus, let's not go overboard with talk of the Lakers beating the Mavs in the first round. That's just not true. The Golden State Warriors were the only team that could have done what they did. The Mavs killed the Lakers just about every time they played. Let's not downplay the team because they lost to Golden State. You're getting too low on the team, Esteban.

The Mavericks have three 2nd round picks this year and 3 free agents in buckner, willis and crow. Add depth through the draft and work with the players you have. Devin Harris, Josh Howard, Diop and Ager are your future and not Dirk or Terry. Trade Dirk and Terry and get a solid center and draft some young talent to fill their vacancy.

Dirk is not our future??? Who do you think got the Mavs here in the first place? Why do teams first discuss (when they play the Mavs) how to guard Dirk? Why do teams like golden state have to put 3 sometimes 4 players on Dirk? Somebody on here mentioned trading Dirk and Josh for Kobe and Kwame Brown. You gotta be kidding me! Oh my gosh, Kobe is good but for all those 50+ points per game, where did that get the Lakers? The Lakers BARELY made the playoffs this year.Kobe needs a low post man (remember Shaq) just like Dirk does. And Kwame for Josh is just insane !! Just get a low post presence to help Dirk out, some scoring off the bench, resign Stack and maybe improve the 3 pt scoring. Just don't go overboard. People seem to forget that the Mavs had 67 wins this season...they didn't do that with awful players.

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