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June 14, 2007


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The Mavs' only chance of that "another-to-be-double-teamed" guy is with J-Ho. I do not see Devin Harris getting double teamed. Certainly not Jet. Stack doesn't command that anymore as he is more a jump shooter. This is what we are...apart from J-Ho there is no legitimate slasher/go-to-the-hoop guy. Dirk is primarily a jump shooter...a great one!!! But, Jet and Stack are not! They are more spot up, streaky shooters. Devin Harris' jump shot looks lot like mine...so I always doubt whether it will go in. Well, looks like no hope on the horizon! Just kidding...

Mavs had a chance this year, and I believe they will be back next season. They are a good team. Please do not break the whole thing up. Try to find a good PG...another low post scorer, atleast with Off. rebounds put back or something! The only teams, I believe can legitimately challenge Mavs next season are Phoenix, GSW and San Antonio. All of these teams are good ball sharing teams and two of them have good shooters. I also believe that Mavs should include more ball passing in their arsenal. They are a lot of one-on-one team with isolation sets. The problem is, they don't have the AIs or LeBrons who can take anyone one-on-one.

The Mavs should trade Dirk straight up for Bruce Bowen.

Trade Dirk for Bowen??? HA HA HA...very funny !! You guys will let anyone post on here, won't you? No matter how stupid the comment may be. And the Dirk for Bowen one is about as stupid as you can get.

The Mavs' best bet is to try to add Gerald Wallace. His scoring average has gone up every year. He may crack 20 or more points with the Mavs. It also doesn't hurt that he plays defense exceptionally well. I love Stackhouse but he looked tired and sluggish at the end of the season.
AS for the post game, that's the problem that has plagued the Mavs since their inception in 1980. They have never had a center worth anything! Without a C, they will never accomplish their ultimate goal of an NBA championship. Get a center and everything will fall into place.

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