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June 25, 2007


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The Lakers would go as far with Kobe and Garnett as the Lakers have gone the past couple of years with Kobe and anybody and that's NOWHERE. Until Kobe learns to actually share the ball with his teammates (and I'm thinking if it hasn't happened by now, it's never going to) it won't matter if Garnett was playing on the same team as Kobe or any other great player was. If YOU DON'T SHARE THE BALL, IF YOU DON'T WORK IN ANY WAY TO MAKE YOUR TEAMMATES BETTER IT DOESN'T MATTER WHO IS PLAYING ON YOUR TEAM!! Kobe plays 1 on 5 ball. Last time I checked this was a team sport-something Kobe knows NOTHING about. And that's why no matter if Kobe scores 50 pts per game the Lakers will still be losers. Garnett will NOT make a difference in LaLa Land.

Obviously you don't watch basketball. Who does Kobe have to pass to? If you pass the ball and your teammates miss it most of the time, why would you continue to pass it to them? He has no help, except for the oft-injured Odom. If they brought in KG, they would be higher than the 7th seed, and probably wouldn't have to play the Suns in the first round. With KG's 20-10-5, and Kobe's 30-5-4, that's the best duo in the NBA. KG is always gonna get 20-10-5, so just think how they'd do when Kobe puts up 50 or 60 to go along with that. And since Kobe would have a second option, his assists are going to go up. Then would people say he's not a ball hog? No, people are always gonna have a problem with Kobe. The Lakers would DEFINITELY make it far in the playoffs. Sure they'd still have problems with the Suns and Spurs, but who doesn't? And as much of a Mavs fan as I am, I watched KOBE, beat the Mavs single handedly (KOBE-62, MAVS-61). Add KG to the mix, and Dirk's inability to finish games, then the Lakers are poised to be the third best team in the NBA. Period.

Well ain't that sweet! They (LAKERS) give up practically nothing and get Garnet?? They must not be showing all their cards yet. Surely there's some future picks thrown in. Either that or the MAV'S are asleep at the wheel. Maybe both. If the WOLVES would go for that, I'd offer em Lil Dirk straight up. It would be good for the MAV'S in that it would add some toughness and a low post presence, good for Garnet in that the years of discouraging losing with no chance of ever having ownership surround him with quality team mates would end, and good for Dirk in that he could, with a fresh start in a new locale with all new audiences, probably continue to play small as a 7 footer without having ever had to develop a post up game for another eight or nine years. Also, with no opportunities to ever make the play-offs....there would be no pressure to lead or perform at an even higher level than the regular season. If only Markie Cuban would or could get over his man crush for zee beeeg gerhmann. Until then,.... its more of the same ol' same ol'.

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