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June 12, 2007


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The Mavs must find a way to get a 20-10 center! Their lack of a post presence is what's preventing them from being the championship team that they are capable of being. They also must decide whether or not Devin Harris can play the point. If not, then you may see the Mavs trade for Jason Kidd. I hope that they don't make that trade. The Spurs also considered making the same trade. I'm pretty sure that they are glad that they didn't. Tony Parker has been great for them the last three years.

The Mavs need to get a bonifide 2 guard that can bring size, scoring and defense. The mavs have had huge issues the last 2 years when facing DWade and the warriors big guards. Get Ray Allen for Jason Terry. Go with Harris. Sign a capable true PG as a back up. Sam Cassell would be nice if you could get him...

What about Mike Miller, what would it take to get a guy like that. and quit trying to incude jhow it a trade cause he's not going anywhere. He is a bigger stronger better rebounding gaurd than the jet and shoots as well if not better. I have seen a few rumors floating around with his name, and thought where there's smoke there's fire.. let's get cooking on that deal.

I think the center position is the way to go also. The Mavs need someone who can at the very least average double digits in rebounds. Dirk averages more rebounds than Damp. Only thing is, I don't see how there would be that many takers for Damp and his huge contract. Need to get a good back up for Dirk and more scoring off the bench. That "deep bench" we all thought was there throughout the season didn't show up in the playoffs. I say stick with Devin Harris as point-he's awesome and only going to get better thru the years. I Love JET and hope the Mavs can keep him. I believe he's the heart of the team. The Mavs had a rough and short postseason and for that reason people seem to forget the 67 wins. They shouldn't forget. The Mavs broke all kinds of records in the regular season with Jet in the lineup. Some of those games would not have been won without Jason Terry. I don't think he is our weak spot. Better bench scoring (face it, who else off the bench gave us any points besides Stack-hope they resign him) and toughen up the center position.

I love JET too,,, but lets not forget that he's the reason why Harris did not get the full time start. Harris started at the point in the begining of the season, but Jet couldn't "get going" without the ball and AJ decided to split the time at point. I really think JET was the weak spot this year. He just was not the cold blooded shooter that he got his big contract to be. His defense was also subpar. I thought he was just way more concerned about promoting his new "JET Collection" clothing than he was preparing for the playoffs. I don't think this fact will go unnoticed by AJ either. I think he's history!

Mavs need an assist man. A decent scorer who is willing to be a backup and who looks to pass the ball first is the need of the hour. I wish we could get a 20-10 center, but they are not growing on trees so to speak. They need a bench scorer to complement Stack(if he re-signs) or Dirk. After all, this is a team that won 67 games and been to the Finals the prev. year!!

Kobe for Dirk. I don't either of them these days.

I know 20-10 centers don't grow on trees. However, that is the missing piece to the puzzle. If they can't acquire a 20-10 center, they must get better offensive production out of Dampier and Diop. They averaged 9 points a game. That will not get it done!

Make Devin Harris starting point guard, Get a 20-10 starting center, Damp and Diop as backup centers.

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