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July 26, 2007


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Personally, I don't want Webber. Last season he could've signed with the Mavs but chose Detroit instead because he didn't want to come off the bench. I think he would be in the same position this year with the Mavs as well. Plus, he's not getting any younger and if you check out Detriot's post season this past year he didn't contribute alot. What he should do is retire. I like the Brandon Bass signing..smart move by the Mavs. He's young and has NBA experience. If he gets some playing time this season, I feel he will make a real contribution. I'm happy to see that the Mavs didn't let some other team snatch him up. Several players in the summer league were impressive, including JJ Barera, Rayshawn Terry and Renaldo Seibutis. Terry reminds me of a younger Greg Buckner. He's very good defensively and can shoot. Hopefully he and especially JJ will be signed. As far as Webber....I hope he stays in Detroit.

I think he would fit in well with us and would be a HUGE upgrade at the back up PF than what we've had in years past... if webber is a defensive liability, than I cant words cant describe what cro and van horn were on the defensive/offensive end. I think every aspect of his game is at a higher level with two bad knees than those two guys were. But the locker room has to be an issue... thats the only thing i question at this point.

If the Mavs could get Webber for nuthin'..then get him. But otherwise, forget it. What Webber should really do is retire. Besides being good for a few assists, I don't see what he can offer the Mavs. I hope we DON'T get him.

god, please no

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