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July 12, 2007


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None of the above. I would rather see Mo Peterson, Michael Pietrus, PJ Brown or Mo Williams.

I like Cris Webber. The mavs already has a Steve Francis in the person of Devin. I definitely don't like Posey in the Mavs roster, I just don't. The mavs needs a low post threat and that's Webber.

who care they all suck we need to get ron artest.

I am very intrigued by the prospect of having Steve Francis on our team. I'm not sure how it would go adding someone of his character on the team, but his on the court play is just what we could have used against Golden State.

He's tough and he gets to the hoop, breaks down defenses. Seems like a unique offensive facet to add.

I'd be interested in knowing the real possibilities that the Mavs could get Webber or Francis. Is either one a pipe dream?

Webber is OK as long as he understands his role and accepts the minutes offered to him. Francis makes no sense unless you are also going to move Terry -- which is OK if you get something comparable in return. I'd rather see Matt Barnes than James Posey.

I like the idea of Webber as the starting center, but it would only be a quick fix and could be risky. His age and mobility are concerns, but he has exactly what the Mavs need (inside scoring and passing skills). If they could sign him to a 1 or 2 year deal using the MLE, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Francis doesn't appeal to me nearly as much. On paper it sounds good (Francis, Terry, Howard and Nowitzki on the same court...are you kidding?). But he's not known as a good locker room guy, and it could hinder the development of Devin Harris, who management has said they believe is their point guard of the future.

Tough call, but I say go for Webber since he would take care of the Mavs' biggest needs.

Why don't we get Chris Webber to have a low post threat and Mickael Pietrus for an athletic wingman. This would be the best thing to do.

I like both of them. Adding Steve would help the whole team. Steve is a slasher and he causes a lot of problems for defenders. About his attitude Avery would take care of that pretty fast and plus he would be coming to a winning club with some vets on the team that would help him out. Webber get him now assits low post pesents that is what we need. It will be a interesting year.. Go MAVS...

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