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July 02, 2007


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I'm looking forward to catching some of the summer league games on NBA tv. I can't wait to see how the new draft picks play and it would be nice to see Diop do a little scoring. His goal is to get better offensively and I'm sure he'll do his best. Diop plays with alot of heart. Hopefully Ager and Pops can improve their games as well. Pops can be a pretty exciting player to watch. He was terrific in the D-league all star game this past year. Anyway, until my beloved Mavs start the regular season this will have to do. Go MAVS SUMMER LEAGUE TEAM !!

How about this Brandon Bass? We really need a hard-nosed shooter and he scored 15 points in the last game behind JJ Barea. What were his stats at LSU?

Portland and Seattle had the stars but it looks like the MAVS corps still plays more like a team. JJ has been nothing short of spectacular. Like the strides by Maurice and Pops. We still need a tough guy like Barnes (GS).

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