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August 16, 2007


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For those who understand the difference, when you report that there is a "team option" for the Mavs to decide on Aug 31 re Pops, you are misleading such readers.

Pops already has a contract in place for the 2007-08 season, and there is no extension or team option date on Aug. 31. He is working on a fully executed non-guaranteed contract at this point.

All non-guaranteed contracts can be waived without any further cost, and all of them also contain a date when they become guaranteed for the rest of the season. The default date on such contracts is Jan 10, but a different date can be negotiated when the contract is inked. The date on Pops' contract is Sep 1.

If he didn't have a contract, and was merely awaiting execution of a team option (or not), he wouldn't be tradeable, so this is an important distinction that an accurate reporter will make. Currently the Mavs can trade that contract (and him) if they wish, at any time, and allow another team the ability to waive him without compensation prior to that date, which makes it an advantageous trade chip.

Hope this helps.

David L.

This kid can play..the Mavs need to keep him and give him some playing time.
They need to go with young aggressive players a la Golden State..and let the grandpas like P.J. Brown go somewhere else...

They have Stack for their exp. factor...now they need to develop their younger guys.

The window does not stay very open in the NBA--that would include the one for da Mavs.

This kid is home-grown talent..dont waste him or throw him away...

No, Dallas does not need to develop their younger guys a la Golden State. The Warriors showed the entire NBA nation the weaknesses of the Dallas Mavericks and the Utah Jazz showed the weakness of the Golden State Warriors. These run and gun teams, like the Warriors and Suns are not championship material! Who's won the NBA trophy the last 10 years or so? Each and every one of these teams are OLDER and have a strong defensive presence and excellent low post scoring ability. Dallas is not a smart team, regardless of how many games they won in the regular season. Being #1 doesn't mean anything if you don't go all the way, and San Antonio showed us up yet again. We need to sign someone like PJ or Chris, and get rid of these "We only play well in summer league" athletes. It would make more sense to rid ourselves of an inconsistent JET, a power forward who has no low post talent and low-grade defense (DIRK!!!), a Drew Bledsoe moving Nick Fazekas, a mediocre bench warmer named Devean George, a lack-luster Dampier, and absolutely pathetic (and always in foul trouble) MBenga/Diop to sign ourselves another older veteran that wants to be traded regardless of speculation that he doesn't....(Kobe). We have what, 20-23 players on the roster right now?? Why not stack up an 8 for 1 or 7 for 1 trade and pick up Kobe Bryant? We already let Garnett slip out from under us.

You so called Maverick fans and so called experts need to get off of this Dirk Nowitzki bandwagon. He is not going to be the player that takes Dallas all the way. You saw what happened after Avery called on him to be a leader, he went out to Golden State and was 1-12 (don't quote, I can't remember the official numbers) in the half? That is not a leader. All the pieces are in place for Dallas to pick up. Weber and Brown both sit...waiting to be signed, and Kobe wants to be traded. There you go. You have the greatest player in the NBA that wants to leave his team...grab him! Everyone talks about Dirk's shooting ability??? I'm not impressed...look at Kobe's shooting ability! (Oh, and for those who claim to not like him because of his old legal issues, get off of your ignorance cloud. The guy can play, straight up)

Kobe Bryant 2007 playoff stats. The man averaged 32.8 PPG, 5.20 RPG, 4.4 APG, with an EFF of +24.80. Dirk's 2007 stats are extremely un-impressive for the undeserving MVP. A lousy 19.7 PPG, 11.30 RPG, 2.3 APG, with an EFF of +23.17.

Now, you can argue that Dirk outshined Kobe on rebounds...well, add in the fact the Webber averaged 6.3 RPG in the 07 playoffs and you have your 11 RPG between Kobe and Chris.

Get on it guys, Dirk and JET NEED to go. We won't move forward with them. They are great players...just not great for the Mavericks and what we want to accomplish. Being #1 in the regular season means nothing. All we need to do in the regular season is play well enough to make the playoffs. Championships read louder than a seed number.

Jz..I believe with the Mavs signing Brandon Bass that Pops days are probably numbered. That being said, I like Pops. Good guy plays with alot of hustle. If he does leave, I truely hope he finds success somewhere else.

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