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August 15, 2007


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Sounds like if the Mavs don't want a guy that will "get bent out of shape because of money, attitude, or playing time" that criteria would definitely leave Chris Webber out of the running. If memory serves me, he chose Detriot over the Mavs last season because he wasn't going to start and wouldn't be playing alot of minutes and it looks like that won't change if the Mavs were to sign him for the upcoming season. Not a big deal anyway, I mean who wants a guy that will possibly be disruptive to the team, who is old and doesn't have much left to offer (didn't do squat in the post-season this past year) and wants the entire mid-level exception? As a fan, I know I'm not interested. I'm hoping the Mavs aren't either.

pietrus is the player they need

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