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August 01, 2007


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Jeff, I just don't think the Mavs were willing to offer two starters for KG. Simple as that.

The C's gave a big expiring deal, a small expiring, a talented young big man, and a talented project, and Gomes. They also gave a number 1, and the WOlves pick back. The Mavs would have been very hard pressed to come up with enough salary and potential to match that.

McHale deal around the draft got NIXED BY BOSTON because KG said he didn't want to play there and had an opt out essentially making him a rent-a-player... it would have been foolish for Boston to let go of Jefferson in such a situation.

When Boston got Ray Allen, clearly KG's perspective changed as he agreed to an 3 year exention allowing Boston rest confidently that they could deal Jefferson and Green and co. and know that KG will be a part of their operation for the forseeable future

My problems with this post;

1) You misrepresent wholly the pre-draft situation that McHale faced. He didn't balk at the trade during the draft...

a) Owner Glen Taylor had not given him the directive to make the trade.
b) KG said he would not show up to Boston if he were traded there. That is to say he essentially blocked the trade.

What happened SINCE the draft was the Ray Allen deal, and the reality that when Taylor and KG met...it was made clear to KG where the team was going. And KG was not on board with that.

2) The idea that Josh Howard and Devin Harris are as attactive to an NBA team as Al Jefferson and Gerald Green is, in a word, ludicrious. Josh Howard is a fine player as a sidekick but no more than that. Harris has proven almost nothing, though his skill set is intriguing.

Al Jefferson is better than both players, is younger than Howard (the focus of any Mavs deal), and is the only player of the 3 that can come close to duplicating the numbers KG put up (i.e. 20/10).

I think this is a case where you are overrating players because they happen to play on a team you like. Howard and Harris are "nice". They aren't now, and don't project to ever be, franchise players. Al Jefferson, in terms of real production, puts up numbers similiar to Dwight Howard...and in fact Jefferson is light years ahead of Howard on the offensive end.

IMHO, Minny did about as well as could be expected. They traded in a HOF player and a 20/10 guy, for a younger 20/10 guy whom they hope can be the anchor of the future.

Al is probably no KG, but his career trajectory won't be too far off. Who else was going to give up a 22 yr old 20/10er for a 31yr old who's making 20 mil a year? The answer: Nobody.

This is one of those rare deals where both sides got what they wanted, and got just about what you'd expect.

(And I wouldn't write of Gerald Green quite yet either.)

Cry me a river......booohooo we didnt KG......what does the cetics have that we dont..... The Mavs could have given this and the Mavs could have given that.... you sound like a spoiled child who didnt get what he wanted.... ohhhh yeah....you're a Mavs fan.... how about you go tell you Owner with deep pockets to see if Kobe doesnt want to play for you guys... maybe then you'll stop crying about KG.

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