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December 13, 2007


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1 Too old
2 Too slow
3 No dominate center
4 Injuries to EJ & DG
5 Poor shooting

PG change! plase wavie jones plase!! ager wavie!!!! sign a good solid players! trade devin for kidd! good leadership in kidd!!!! and plase pass the ball more to dirk! and dirk be more agressive!!! plaseee!!!

1) No ball movement, too much dribbling one-on-one (bad offensive game plan)
2) Lack of a defensive intensity
3) Offensive key (Devin) has been inconsistent
4) Too many role players
5) Dirk hasn't been Dirk

The reason for Mavs' downslide: their MINDSET! Yes, I am right. Their mindset is swinging like a pendulum, to both extremes. They seem to think that they can turn it ON and OFF like a switch. This is wrong. They are used to one mindset and you can't really turn your mood on and off. You need an example, see Miami last year.
Mavs are treading dangerous waters here. If they don't get their act together right now, they cannot advance past the first round, again. Their window is closing. This team doesn't deserve to be blown up, but if they fail again that is what is going to happen. Avery should have his 'Inspirational speeches' he gave in Orlando or some place couple of years ago.

1. Defense Mentality
2. 2 guards are ALL over rated defensively
3. 2 guards ALL volume shoot poor %'s
4. Avery's frustration in in trying to "punish" players by benching them rather than having them work through them poor games. It seems avery is all over the board with the rotation and he just throws in the most random people at times. i.e. juawn howard a number of times.
5. Leadership on the team, really non-existent from any players on the floor.

The point guard position is fine to me... Harris may not be the best, but the one thing that we see is that he is getting better even though he has his moments.
What position is the weakest and deepest? The 2. Its the spot on the team where we have rotated MORE guys in the starting 2 spot than any other position. Why not give JET and co. and van horns contract (if thats even possible) for a good OVERALL 2 or 3?

Like ak-47 maybe? Moving j5 to the two?

1. Over Experimenting lineups.
2. Avery stopped screaming at them
3. Devin has has more potential then skills at the moment.
4. When the game is close no one is really sure who the go to guy is anymore.
5. The MVP is no longer the go to guy!

Only two reasons:
1) Poor point guard play
2) Poor center play

Eddie is not the answer...Mavs need some changes>

1. I know this might not go over well, but the problem is Dirk. He is not the leader by any stretch of the imagination. He does not and will never "step up" to meet the challenge of an all star. He might have been the MVP last year but the finals show he was less than an MVP.

2. Getting behind and trying to shoot the 3-pointer to catch up is never the answer. They tried that with Nellie and the results were disastrous just as it is now.

3. Poor shooting. They are settling on the outside and not driving into the paint. Get into the paint and draw the foul. If you don't get the foul, keep going and don't whine about it.

4. Poor freethrow shooting. When the Mavs draw the foul, it would be really nice if they made the freethrow. Dirk used to be the most consistent freethrow shooter, which as far as I am concerned, was his redeeming virtue, but this year his whole game is less than and Bass is the best freethrow shooter.

5. Diop and Dampier are not dominant in the center. They have made some nice blocks but it is not enough.

I wonder if Mr. Cuban's choice of MOVIES to sponser or support has anything to do with the play of his team? Just wondering.

Come on Kris, free-throw shooting is one of the Mavericks biggest problems? They're the number 1 free throw shooting team in the league...and they still aren't making enough? I'll give you Dirk's free-throw shooting is down, but it has gone up to almost 84 percent, which is a lot higher than it was earlier in the season. Don't let one 1-4 free throw shooting night by Dirk make you think he's Shaq at the line nowadays.

Also, Josh Howard and Stack are the best free throw shooters, they are ahead of Bass in percentage and makes.

1 Poor point guard play (Kidd?)
2 Poor Shooting guard play
3 Poor play from Nowitzki
4 Nothing from the center position
5 Becoming old and unathletic (Jones, Howard, George)

1. avery johnson
2. avery johnson
3. avery johnson
4. avery johnson
5. avery johnson

1. Avery is in over his head.
2. Avery has reduced Dirk to a role player. How many times this year has Dirk had the 4th or 5th most shots on his own team?!? That's absurd for one of the best players in the world.
3. Seems as if the players aren't responding to Avery anymore. I guess 4 years of getting yelled at is getting old.
4. Avery is experimenting too much. We are 1/3 done with the season and its still like we are pre-season mode of random starting lineups and random benchings. There is no plan or cohesion.
5. Avery is negating the Mavs own depth by not playing proven vets like Juwan and Hassell.
6. And just in case it wasn't clear: Avery Johnson

There's really one main reason the Mavericks are not elite this year: They are more afraid of failing this year than they are hungry for winning. There's a certain looseness that comes with being a "hungry" team, and the Mavs do not have it. They are uptight. I think this has been indicated by the collective mental lapses and the lack of aggressiveness on the team. I just want to yell at them: "Don't shoot isolated jumpshots! Just take it to the f*cking hole!"

To five reasons, Mavs are sluggish

1) Mavs are not having fun
2) Mavs have too many lineups to begin the season.
3) Defensively, they have been non committal
4) Too much dependance on the jump shot
5) Offensive plays has been stagnant

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