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December 25, 2007


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Naughty: Knicks ballplayers for stealing money from ownership and somehow convincing everyone it's only Isiah's fault.

Naughty: Danny Ainge and the Celtics for robbing 2 Western Conference teams blind with draft day trades catapulting a no talent team to the top record in the NBA.

Nice: Mavs intensity, which decided to finally show up this season after an ugly loss to Denver on a nationally televised game that had a lot of Mavs fans ready to jump off the balcony at the AAC.

Nice: Howard, Terry, Bass, and finally Nowitzki
Naughty: Diop, Harris, and Ager

Diop is getting worse, Harris is finally coming around but has been dissapointing and Ager is officially a bust.

This team peaked two years ago during the NBA finals. Dirk is a good regular season player, that is it. This team does not have what it takes to win the NBA. It is just as well. Should have traded forKobe when they had the chance.

Trenton Hassell: Expected to be a big improvement over Greg Buckner, starting to wonder if Buck would have been better to hold onto.
Avery Johnson: Can't stick to his pre-season game plan and is constantly dogging out young guys and role players.

Brandon Bass: Is working his butt off to be a part of the Mavs rotation with nary a complaint when he isn't getting playing time.
Mark Cuban: Has avoided being a distraction and is around enough to appear involved.

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