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February 21, 2008


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Dear Avery and Co.,

Thank you for not "SEEING" the HUGE hole in your front court today, and addressing this issue to do everything humanly possible to get the likes of a Kurt Thomas. You guys now officially become the Suns/Warriors of last year every time Damp gets out of the game with early foul trouble against our bigs, and Dirk becomes the 5. We all got big, and no longer consider you a threat. Score all you want with Kidd and your outside jumpers, we all know that its the Big fella's out west here that make the difference in the playoffs.


The Western Conference (SA, Phx, LA, NO, Denver... err, maybe Utah too)

PS. Please pick up the likes of a Dale Davis, Kevin Willis (again) or some one else over the age of 35, who is good for nothing but delivering 6 fouls and breathing our precious air in the gym.

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