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February 13, 2008


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I have NO clue why the Mavs would pull the trigger on this trade. Maybe I just don't know enough, but it seems like the Nets are getting the steal of the century.

Don't do it Mr. Cuban. Kidd can't guard any of the guards in the west...

GOOD NEWS! KEEP KIDD OUT OF HERE. We don't need Kidd. We need Harris to heal his foot, and Dallas is back in business.

Jeff, are you a doofus? It is not "early" Bird rights. It is "Larry" Bird rights!

Cuban should be overjoyed that one of his players was willing to risk himself and the perception of himself to block this trade and ultimately save this franchise to its ultimate demise. That deal would have decimated our chances to be competitive and continue to compete for a title every year. Our Mavs have a great nucleus now! Why overreact on some erratic play. We are still one of the top teams in the Western Conference!!!

This deal makes our team weaker period!!! Kidd is a great upgrade this year. But... if he gets hurt... we are screwed. We will no bench to go to... why because we traded all of it away.

I'm so happy this deal was blocked. I hope the Mavs see that they dodged a huge bullet tonight.

All I have to say... remember Adrian Dantley for Mark Aguirre trade... that was the beginning of many horrific deals that landed the Mavs as the worst team of the 90's. THIS DEAL would have been that destructive to our franchise...

As much as I hate to say it... look at what the Spurs have done... stayed the course and didn't make the huge splashy deals... they developed their teams and put the right pieces around the core. They've won four championships! They had every right to overreact last year when it looked like they were falling apart, but they didn't... it ended up netting them another championship. Learn from our rivals... they have been doing something right... what team matches up best against them... we do! If this deal goes through... they steamroll us... why??? we have no depth (because they were all traded away).... and we have an aging point guard who can't keep up with Tony Parker.



They are actually called "Early Bird rights" as Devean has only been with the club for two years. They would be called "Bird rights" only if he has been with the club for three years. Larry's first name isn't thrown into the naming scheme. Read the CBA and get your facts straight before admonishing someone who does this for a living.

Man...DeveoN George just saved the Mav's! ! WIth kidd..out in the first round....With harris..second round ! ! !

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