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February 14, 2008


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You are insane if you think Chauncey Billups is a better point guard (even at this stage in their careers) than Jason Kidd.

i think that the mavs should indeed look about other point guards the kidd. because what does kidd have to offer that any other point guard does not. i think they should think about Chris Paul or Barron Davis

not a smart idea. i think they should consider Chris Paul or Barron Davis

Oh yeah, cause the Hornets are definitely looking to shed Chris Paul. Geez. Let's have a look at LeBron and Dwight Howard while we're at it.

This is a horrible, horrible trade. We are giving up youth that have HUGE upsides and are currently producing (harris and diop). This leaves our team decimated with a slow old point guard who can't shoot free throws, jumpers, or play D. We will have no back up center- since Bass was acquired to play against the swing positions and is not a true center. We will have no backup point guard since Barea is a miserable player, slower and worse on D then J-Kidd. Cuban is going to alienate a huge portion of Mavs fans by doing this. Why should we have to struggle to pry away a player (Kidd) that WANTS to leave? We should give them peanuts just like the Lakers got Gasol for bellybutton lint. I have been a Mavs fan dating back to the three J's, and I may never watch again.

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