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February 05, 2008


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If the Suns are really offering Marion and Banks, then any conversation is irrelevant; Dallas isn't beating that offer.

If the Suns don't do a deal (and I wouldn't if I were them), Dallas should absolutely jump in. Because of the style of play and needs, Shaq makes more sense in Dallas than anywhere.

The money and health concerns are the biggest issues. I imagine that Dallas has to deal Damp to make this make any sense. They would probably want to keep Diop and let him be the defensive backup for Shaq in that case. But you've still got to add some salary (and maybe talent). Does Jet do the trick?

If so, you actually didn't spend anymore money. You just spent what you already were in one position instead of two. And you could make a strong case that the money would be better spent on a legit post option than it would be on a defensive minded center and sixth man.

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