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February 07, 2008


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Stackhouse is living in a fantasy land, like the majority of the players in the NBA. The NBA is a business, and players are signing 8 or 9 figure deals. Does Stack seriously believe teams are going to put a sole player's interests ahead of the interests of an entire NBA franchise worth billions?

The Suns' job was to make a deal only if they thought it was going to improve their team. It doesn't matter where Shawn Marion, or any NBA player, wants to go. Marion signed a contract, and his job was to honor it. A major part of the NBA is being traded to wherever your team wants you to go. If Marion isn't happy living on the beach with his $17 million a year contract, then that's too bad. Similarly, if Jason Kidd isn't happy living in the New York City area with his $20 million a year contract, then that's too bad.

These guys need to stop being selfish, egocentric, and self-obsessed, and start realizing that the world does not revolve around them. They should be extremely GRATEFUL that there are billionaires out there willing to shell out millions upon millions to athletes, many of whom have serious character flaws.

Jason Kidd? The Nets have given him the opportunity to go to not one, but TWO Finals amidst a huge cloud of personal problems. (Not to mention they practically went to the Finals 3 times in a row, until Kidd developed a bad knee injury.) Most players can only dream of getting to ANY Finals. Kidd's crying over a contract extension. An extension! Geez, can they get through the $100 million first before they shell out MORE to you? Nets owe him nothing. I hope Kidd remains on the Nets and gets his talented team out of the rut he helped place them in.

Shawn Marion? He's gotten to play his whole career with Jason Kidd or Steve Nash, and still cried like a little baby because he didn't get "enough attention" and couldn't handle hearing his name in trade rumors. Poor baby. Nobody owes him anything except that $16 million he makes a year to be a role player. Shawn Marion wants more attention? Have fun in Miami.

Please grow up, NBA players. You're nauseating and embarrassing to our society. Whenever you feel depressed about your NBA team (despite the fact that you make entirely too many millions of dollars to play a game), please think about where you would be without the NBA. A scary thought for many players, I am sure.

Nate get real. Just because you are rich doesn't mean you cannot complain or get mad. People that make $15 million a year have emotions just like people that make $30,000 a year.

Look at you complaining about his complaining, and look at me complaining about your complaining, people can and will get mad no matter how much money they make.

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