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February 17, 2008


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Question: With the problems Devean George caused over the original trade will the Mavs trade him (with his permission) to another team? It is anticipated that there will be alot of hard/bad feelings with him blocking the original trade.

This is a great trade for our Dallas Mavericks..
We got Jason Kidd a player who can drive, shoot and pass to Dirk to outside, Howard in the paint and Jet on both the outside and paint.
Yeah i know we are losing Devin Harris, but reason for this trade is because the Mavs are focusing on winning a NBA Title Now.

If this trade goes down then I wish the best for Devin Harris and his new team, New Jersey Nets.

Go Mavs!

I think this is a great trade and one that needed to be made if we're going to be a title contender. I do wonder if two number one draft picks needed to be part of the deal, may put us in a difficult position in future years. Also, I remember when Jason Kidd was here before, he couldn't wait to get out of Dallas. Some folks still remember the his attitude, hope it's better this time around.

ok, let me get this straight. The Mavs are acquiring a player who:
1) can't shoot
2) is washed up
3) has helped the nets to a 23-30 record ... IN THE EAST! ... with two other All-Star-caliber players on the roster.
4) has never won a ring.
5) can no longer play defense.

just want to make sure i understand this trade. it makes sense now. thanks.

kane, washed up?!? the guy that averaged a triple double in the playoffs last year, 10.5 assits this year (a two game total for devin if he is lucky), is a olympic starter, an all star starter, and hall of famer. he makes his teammates better and puts the mavs in a position to win it all which is all you can ask for as a fan. plus the mavs keep stackhouse and george in this deal! great move by donnie and great financial committment from mark to make this happen, GO MAVS!

Kane, I am with you on this one. Mortgaging the future for a win it now approach that is far from guaranteed to even get you to the finals. this trade makes no sense now or the future. who is going to be our backup center now that dampier will be starting? how is dampier going to play 30 minutes a game? and does anyone remember that Kidd cannot shoot? that he hated Dallas the first time he was here? and that he abused his wife? this is like the vikings trading their future for herschel walker. it helped us cowboys fans, but killed the vikings.

How do the lyrics to the M*A*S*H theme song go again?

I have no problems in bringing J Kidd back to Dallas....but those two first round draft coices were just too much. If they don't win it all this year look for a return of the 1990's MAVERICKS

I don't get you guys that say we are mortgaging the future?

How much longer do you want to give Harris? I mean he can't even call the plays himself after 4 years.

So how many more years do you want to give him?

Dirk is 29, do you want to wait until he is past his prime?

Ok so you keep Harris for the future, Dirk gets old and then you no all star players on your roster.

Look at this way: Would you rather have a team that makes the playoffs every year only to break your heart or would rather a team take a chance on a guy who has gone to the finals by himself twice and try to get a ring?

I loved Harris but it is time to move on.

As far as the future goes, that is Bass and we were able to keep him out of the trade mess.

As a NJ NETS fan we are loosing not only a great player but a great leader JKidd is one of the most mentally tough player in all pro sport,when you need a shot to be made or a play to be run there is no better player to come through for your squad.Good luck to the Mavericks, you are getting the final piece,you are getting the maestro

im a nets fan and i hear all this rambling about how kidd can't shoot. the thing is, kidd doesn't have to shoot to dominate. he does all the intangibles necessary to win ball games. just remember that in last year's Olympic games, kidd did not take a shot for 4 straight games. i also promise you that if kidd was on mavs` 06 roster, there is no way you guys blow that lead to miami in the finals.

kidd will shoot a low percentage but hell only take like 5 shots a game ill miss him but the nets got a good deal

It's a shame how Vince and RJ let this opportunity slip by. Every player in the NBA wants a chance to play with JKidd. All Kidd wants to do is compete on the highest level every night. If you can't do that then get off the dam court. It's like getting on the court with Magic and MJ, don't get on if your not ready to give 150%. Vince could not do that, RJ stepped up. I hear the Knicks may want VC. They have a nice high draft pick, let's do it.

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