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March 23, 2008


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I recently came across a quote from Donn Nelson from last September when the Mavs signed Devin Harris.

Harris, he said, along with Josh Howard, DeSagana Diop and Maurice Ager, formed the "cornernstone of the franchise future". Funny how that worked out.

By the end of this season, all but four Mavs will be 30 or older. The only players who won't be are Howard, Brandon Bass and two very marginal players: Antoine Wright, Jose Juan Barea, both of whom are free agents.

If I am the Nets, I am looking at those draft picks in 2008 and 2010 (or 2009 and 2011) with baited breath. This year's pick may be lottery protected, but the other(s) aren't. By the time they roll around, they could be lottery picks.

But hey, not to worry, I am sure that Dampier will be worth $13.7 million at age 36, Kidd will be worth $21.3 million at the same age, Terry will be worth $11.4 million at age 34, and Nowitzki $21.5 million at age 33.

Kidd's agent reportedly told the Nets that Cuban had committed to an eight figure PER YEAR extension if they could make the deal work.

Makes a lot of sense to me, that trade.

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