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March 03, 2008


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A very good season rolling along, then Hey let's scrap the future for a proven point guard. yet, this was a little late in the season considering teams that win not only have talent, but also cohesiveness. This team still plays on Dirks back. He will probably retire as a great single player that never had the one team mate to help acheive what should have been. Last year J.Howard was the man, today he is a one game in a month player. Stack is a player who's skills and heart have betraqyed him. They as a team play as though they deserve to win, however except for Dirk I do not see anyone who lays it on the line game after game. I have followed the MAVS since their inception and will always be, I hate to say it, but after this years demise I would say the following must happen: Stack, Terry, Damp, George, Juwan Howard, Eddie Jones - got to go. Keep Kidd, Nowitzki, Bass and Berea and get one all star, a couple of shooters and some players that have heart, guts and brains.

Josh howard?Who is that? Oh you mean the supposed to be star of the mavericks! I am so sick of hearing what a star he is. A joke on defense and turns the ball over to some of the worste defenders int he game. On offense, his best part of his game and been a no show! Don't blame it on Kidd or Avery, they don't take the bad shots or throw up bricks constantly! GET OFF YOUR BUTT JOSH AND PLAY BASKETBALL! If not goodbye to the playoffs!

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