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April 24, 2008


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How dare Jerry Stackhouse make such mean & vindictive remarks about a great player & coach like Byron Scott. Yes Chris Paul is a great person & player, but to imply that the only reason he can do well with his coach is his level of tolerance js insulting to a player & coach as well as a person who leaves Stackhouse in the dust. Now I guess Stackhouse can threaten to kick my fanny. I am sure a 61 year old grandmother is about all he can handle.

Stackhouse can say what he wants, but at the end of the day, his team is down 0-2 and has shown no signs of turning this series around. If you ask me, Stackhouse, along with the rest of his team, has looked slow and old against the much younger, BETTER Hornets.

Stackhouse's assertion is correct. Byron Scott played on some great LA teams. However, Stackhouse is also forgetting that Byron was a starter and a main cog in the LA showtime attack. It's not like Byron was a sixth or seventh man in the rotation (sort of like Jerry is now). In addition, looking at Stacks career, it's not like Jerry has been awe inspiring. When leading a team, he never reached the playoffs. Now that he is on a better team, he can't crack the starting line up and still is barely serviceable when he is on the floor. I respect any NBA player for being able to get to that level, but Byron is correct in this one. Jerry, shut your mouth until you have a ring (let alone the 2 that Byron has).

Let's go Stack house!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, the Lakers would have never won championships without Byron Scott. Puh-leeze.

Scott led the Nets to back-to-back Finals, and is now having tremendous success with the Hornets. He isn't deserving of all the credit, but I have to believe he was responsible for some of that success.

Stackhouse is perfect for the Mavs. A second rate player for a second rate team. lol

Jerry just needs to shut his mouth. Yeah B Scott played with Magic, Worthy, and Kareem. So what, he acts as if Byron was a non factor on those championship teams, he ran the brake as well as anyone and provided alot of catches for dunks that truely evolved the "showtime" lakers. Not to mention his sharp shooting stroke! If you know basketball, then you know, that Byron had an excellent career as a player, and didn't he take the nets to the finals as a coach? Has Jerry been there? He's played with various all-stars himself and how many rings or even finals appearances does he have? ZERO! For a guy who has such a big tough guy mouth, he can't even crack the starting position on an already soft team! hahah Going to the university of NC I'd expect him to be alot smarter on going about his business, idiot! lol Enjoy your soon to come vacation Jerry.

To all the people telling Jerry to shut, He's entitled to his opinion just like you have the ability to tell him to shut up. Not saying what he said was right or wrong. He has the right to say it. Furthermore, We don't know the tone of the confrontation with Byron. I happen to like Byron and think he did a great job with the Lakers. Stack makes a valid point, if an athlete like Stack was with Magic and Kareem, ummm yeah, they would have won championships. Also, Stack is a pretty physical player. Anyone remember him beatin down Jeff Hornacek... Byron, don't write a check you a** can't cash. And He's right about Chris Paul...he makes that team go. All that said, Byron is still a good coach. I can see him coaching with an edge. But most good coaches do. Only thing to do Stack is to win a championship and he can't make that claim. Thats what winning one allows you to do.

Are all of you blind or something? Stackhouse said that because Byron insulted him first......

wow some of you are pretty ignorant. stackhouse is the last person on the mavs i would want to mess with. he has been to the finals and the lakers still would have won without byron, get a clue

mh381, hahahaha, what is your point? Can you make ourself clear? Yeah you like Byron, and then you are calling him a**. what an idiot.

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