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April 22, 2008


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Oh my!! Don't tell me Mark's assembly of money game chokers are in danger of once again being run out of the play-offs!!!! If the last two years didn't convince any body in charge of what the truth was, then maybe this current fiasco will. Unfortunatly, there is no way to fool somebody else into giving anyone of real value up in a trade for what has been proven in the spotlight to be damaged goods. Hmmmm,...let's see what we have here. First, there is our man with no stones who is 7 feet and ten years of shining against smaller men, and saw no need of ever developing a post up game that would place him in the paint with with the big boys. Also, why learn to be an accomplished passer from a low post position either, when you can shoot soft floaters and fade aways against players of less stature guarding you out beyond the line?? At best he can be described as a Scotty Pippen type "star" player, but all the while needing a real superstar to whom he could compliment. It has been there on display for all to see, excepting the leaders of real vision who make roster decisions and engineer acquitions in the Maverick organization. Well,..maybe something could gained in trade for our Mister non-clutch shooting guard? Our very own Casper the Ghost, who has a history of disappearing as much as contributing in big games. Whew! There's always a big demand for those around the league! Okay you say, how 'bout that famed Point Guard we got? He's been a star for years for other teams, but he's twilighting I fear, and somewhat late for the party here. Someone is bound to need a defensive liabilty and another hesitant, aging shooter though...ya think? Yeah, but for what in return. Then there's that piece o' work at center. Another early retiree for Uncle Mark's resthome. Overpaid before proving himself, that big nestegg of a contract is just what some other franchise is searching for in an underachiever. Looks like he is ours until he decides to ride into the sunset, like Shawn Bradley, snickering for being made rich doing absolutly nothing. I suppose there could have been mooch-o good offers at one time for our once budding high flying small forward. Once. He did have talent and show great promise earlier. P-O-T-E-N-T-I-A-L. A great upside. Perhaps ALLSTARdom. Real take it to the hole, above the rim abilities. However, it has been exposed...that he also has alot o' quit in him, too. Perhaps its just immaturity. Perhaps. A keen general manager would want to be sure though, and any trade with Dallas would need to be leveraged in his favor to cover the risk. Ain' a pretty picture is it? Sometimes, you just need to know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. Stubborness? Blind hope? Poor judgement? Inability to pull the trigger on good trades, or, even recognize real deals? It really doesn't matter at this point, does it? Cuban and Half Nelson have crapped in their own saddles, and, now they've got to ride in 'em!

I do so hate it when I'm right. Game 5 coming up tonite. Probable elimnation. If not, its only a postponment of the evidential outcome. If they would just mail in their loss, moneys on travel, meals, and lodging could be saved. Besides having more exposure to a national audience and avoiding further personal humiliation, they could be home in the gym working on their shots in a game of HORSE. Something with no contact. I can only hope that these "geldings" of ours can somehow be dispersed thru out the NBA equally, so as not to delute the quality levels of just a few other teams, but rather many. Such displays of intestinal fortitude should be shared, not hoarded here in the Metroplex. Keep Bass and start over with with the draft. We might even qualify for a few chances at the league lottery picks before we can improve enough to really compete. Cuban has the money to take the hits. He would be better off shaming them, by continuing to pay them not to play. After a season of sitting home, they might wish to play somewhere and be willing to renegoiate their contracts down to a tradeable situation. One or two, anyway.
Some of them would, perhaps. I bet he and a new general manager would be alot more careful from then on about signing players who have heart, grit, and desire rather than just talent. How refreshing a new wind of "attitude" and "courage" would be. Please, just no more players whose stones have not dropped!

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