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April 22, 2008


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You have to go back to 2000 for answers. Tyron lue made Iverson's life very difficult, I believe he can do the best one on one with him. This is the wrong team to double team, its almost ike they want it. I dont know if they can turn it around. I'll make that decision in a week or so.

The Mavs are done. Dirk needs some help. Josh is horrible right now. He needs to play like the All-star he once was. Avery doesn't look like he's able to figure out how to adjust. This is the third year in a row of it being extremely embarrassing to be a Mavs fan.

theses commericals of the NBA where amazing happens? In my opinion they should make one that has WHERE NBA REFS HAPPENS? w/all thoses bad calls.I understand its the playoffs not freakin reg season 1st it was wade 2nd davis n 3rd paul dont touch em its a foul?? NBA REFS WUT A JOKE!!!

This team is done! It's time for Cuban to blow this thing up and put everyone on the block. Dirk has proven he's not a leader, only a role player and the rest of this team is about as soft as toilet tissue. It will be difficult because they have no picks in 2008 and no one will be willing to take on the contracts of Kidd, Damp, Terry, Stack, etc. Johnson and Nelson should be the first ones to go.

Fire Avery, Trade Josh Howard to New Jersey for Devin Harris. Release Jason Kidd. Start Brandon Bass.

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