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July 03, 2008


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oh yea, i would most definitly try to get artest, hes a very solid defender, and is a pretty consistent scorer. With him under his old coach, and his new, post brawl, attitude, i think he would be a great addition to the mavs.


There is absolutely no reason the Mavs shouldn't consider this a viable option. They lack toughness, which could be remedied with a signing such as Artest. Granted, he brings a lot of baggage to the table, but they need to consider it.

maybe, but i was pretty disappointed that the Mavs didn't go for Jermaine Oneal, I think this team lacks a dominant post player. Watching Dirk play the last couple years, I think he's been more comfortable playing outside the mid range area rather than being a traditional post up player. I think if the Mavs are going to trade Josh Howard they should look for a power forward/center who not only is a presence on the defensive end but also a post presence which can help Dirk become more of a perimeter threat (plus he has a height advantage over smaller perimeter defenders) with the abillity to beat defenders off the dribble.

I'll try to get rid of Stackhouse and add another piece (maybe Antoine Wright) but if Howard is all they want, I'll send him and try to get also Salmons from the Kings (again, adding Antoine Wright or even Stackhouse)

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