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March 07, 2009


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Lack of effort especially in defense!!! CP3 burned the Mavs over and over again! They ran almost the same play. They used the switch so that Dirk or a slower guy will take CP3. Isolation and then boom! Alley oop dunk or a jumper by CP3! Didn't you notice that Rick Carlisle??? Dirk was mad at his teammates for not playing defense one time. But look at who's defender got to the basket? It was Dirk's! He's only watching them shoot and not challenging them.

Their offense is very predictable. You can't win if you're a jumpshooting team. You need to drive and take it strong to the basket. Or at least take 10 feet jumpers, where you have better chances of converting it. I love Dirk but he makes his own problem by shooting those fadeaway jumpers. Take SIMPLE and WIDE OPEN Jump shots and not those fadeaway jumpers. Take it to the hoop! You practiced dunking without your shoes before but you don't even dunk that much in a game.

I've been a fan for 6 years now and Cuban's right. This team's efforts are not there. Looks like another early vacation for the Mavs this time.

I hope they trade Dampier next season! He's too old and too slow. Think about the idea of having a low post threat and an outside threat.

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