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September 29, 2009


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"McHale, who somehow was let go by the Minnesota Timberwolves despite being a native son and doing a solid job building that team (and coaching it, too, at times)."

WHAT? "...somehow let go..."? "...solid job building that team..."?

Two words: Joe Smith.

Some more words: Kevin Garnett to Celtics. Brandon Roye for Randy Foye. Marko Jaric. Troy Hudson. Mike James. Rashad McCants. Ndudi Ebi.

McHale had his opportunity in Minnesota, but his performance and the results thereof CLEARLY warranted a change in management. He MAY have a lot of good information and insight, but for the sake of Mavericks' fans, I would hope he is never anywhere near a decision-making position for the Mavericks.

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