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February 12, 2010


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Josh Howard is going to be great loss on the defensive side. I'm thinking the Mavs should have gone for someone considerably younger, but Caron Butler is pretty good in my view; the guy nearly averaged 21 points per game standing 3 inches taller than Howard. Plus we get another 7-foot center to-go! I hope this trade is the right one, I'll trust Cuban's gut on this one.

3 inches taller? these are the exact same players, the exact same age, and the exact same size (6' 7")!! this deal makes absolutely zero sense. even if you want to argue Butler maybe averaged a point more than Howard at his best, the Bullets also played a more up-tempo pace in lieu of D! WHy are we taking on more payroll to add an IDENTICAL player?! Seriously? the only way this even remotely might make sense is if someone finally bit on Dumpier and we need Haywood for a center. That's it! absolutely godawful. I understand the need to do something, but how is a lateral move (at best) it?!?!

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