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April 30, 2010


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At what point does it end? Mark Cuban needs to take a closer look at how he may be a hindrance to his team’s success by his antics compared to how he would like us to recognize he is attempting to cure the NBA of its officiating disease. There is no way you can continue to rant and rave, like a spoiled brat not getting their way year-after-year. It is almost comical to watch him attempt to live his fantasy of being a professional athlete through his finances. Mr. Cuban, you are an OWNER not a PLAYER. To watch his histrionics on the sidelines in efforts to garner the attention of spectators is sickening. You have created a team with a “boy cry wolf” mentality.

How did Baby Cuban become a billionaire? Did he whine his way to his fortune. Blame yourself for not understanding how to run a sports franchise. Stop being the uber nerdy fanatic sports owner who complains the league and everyone else is against your team. If anything they are against you because you're an idiot.

Mark Cuban needs to fire himself!

Amen Juan. The owner/gm needs to fire the "GM" and get a legit basketball man to make basketball decisions.

What a farce Cuban is --- if the refs were half as bad at doing their job, as Cuban is at playing GM, he might have some legitimatcy in whining about the refs. But, as bad as NBA refs are, they are 10 times better at reffing than Cuban is at building anything other than a one star team around Dirk (and Dirk was here when he bought the team).

Cuban becomes a bigger running joke around the NBA with every first round flop and additional whine about refs or anyone else besides MARK CUBAN being responsible for his failures.

He is making it embarrassing to even claim to be a Mav fan.

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