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April 30, 2011


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I can't look back on that Maverick team without remembering how the entire franchise went straight downhill after that.

Tarpley was the team's 6th man but not for long. He had too much natural ability to keep out of the starting lineup. That meant Perkins was headed for the bench. Well, he wasn't happy about it and left the team for LA when he became a free agent.

Aguirre wanted out and was traded midseason for Adrian Dantley. Unfortunately, Dantley had seen his best days and barely played the equivalent of a full season for the Mavs before retiring.

Then there was the suspensions and "lifetime" banning of Tarpley, the team's most dominant player.

Throw in a decade of bad drafts, rookie coaches, a refusal to pay your best players (not that there were many during the dark days) or lure any decent FAs, revolving door ownership and management and you end up with a decade of futility that is legend in the world of professional sports.

And then along came Dirk...

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