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May 08, 2011


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Bynum has had this problem before - this shows his character, and, unfortunately, it is not good.

Easy to smile and shake hands when you are the winner and the Mavericks have lost quite a few to the Lakers over the years and have never took those kinds of cheap shots at them. This just shows what the guys whi did that are realy like. Thank God Kobe and Phil both said the right things afterward and maybe they both still have thier class intact if they meant it. Spoiled Sports is what I saw and thats the cleanest version I can post. Tony

As classless an act by Bynum as I've ever seen, on par with Hanesworth cleating of Gurode a few years back. I would love to see the NBA set a precendent here with say a million dollar fine and suspension of the first half of next season, if the thug ever has another season. The first quotes from Bynum I have read show no remorse at all, which is nearly as classless as the act itself.

Bynum is a punk ass no class and doesn't belong in the NBA league. So many great that have played in the Lakers organization. He's an embarrasement to their organization.

human waste

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