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June 22, 2011


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umm i thought donnie nelson knew basketball?? marion was a stopper the whole time in his phoenix days... gaurded everything from the 1 through to the 4.

Yeah, that is a little uneducated. Marion was always known as a strong defender. Saying otherwise is ludicrous.

That's why he's called the Matrix. Defense, offense and skills.

He's one of the most solid players in the NBA. Very quiet guy. Well mannered.

The only real difference between this Mavs teams and prior ones was Jason Terry playing like a star in the playoffs. For the first time in his career he produced at a 20+ PER in the playoffs. And, guess what, when GM Cuban finally had a co-star for Dirk in the playoffs, Dirk won a title.

Of course, JET getting and staying that hot was a silly bet for a GM to make. But, Cuban got lucky. Donnie talking about Marion just shows that he generally is looking the wrong way on talent.

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