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June 06, 2011


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I agree. They are good actors and the refs buy their styles. Oh, please add BAREA on it, too.

All players do it, don't blame this BS on Wade and James, they're talented in all respects and if the refs are leaning on the side with the Mavericks which happened in game 3, then they have to do something to get something..this was proven by the number of free throws in the 4th quarter, when Miami was in the penalty due to the refs NOT making the calls on the Mavericks...game 3 was a Ref's game, the "Heat" still won because what goes around comes around!!

Look at all the "no calls" in Suncays game, Dirk was travelling all over the place but the refs don't call fouls on Dirk, but they sure did on the Heat..every move to the basket that Wade made, he was interferred with most but there were no calls on the Mavericks...I just don't get it!!!

I totally agree with this article. Lebron complains every time the ball is stolen from him or misses a shot. Wade flops all over the court even when no one is touching him. The Heat are nothing but a bunch of winey babies.

wow i see most people dont read,if u read what the writer said at the start of this conversation, he said that lebron & wade combine in game 3 for only 21times at the free throw when dirk is at it by himself more than 25times so stevenson play ball & stop hacking!!!!

all you heat haters could suck the big ONE... "the finals trophy"

Dirk and the Mavs are again going home without that championship trophy. These Heat haters have no ligitimate arguments so they jump on any negative comment made regarding Lebron and wade. Face it, they are the better team and will prove it in 6 maybe 5 games. End of story.

Wow... that Stevenson would say anything is crazy... Watch this vid of the top flops from the playoffs, Stevenson has HALF the video



and yep, Barea has more than his share of the vid too...

The Heat are by all definition playing against all odds. In Game 3 there were twice as many (un-deserved) called on the heat than those called on the Mavs. Bosch nearly loses an eye, is writhing in pain on the floor and there was no call, but the Mavs made a 3 on the other end of that possession. Dirk gets grazed by Miller, makes a weird lay up and takes the and 1 (NIIIICE!). Aside from all the haters, everyone has to notice that the refs are likely sending their friends and distant relatives to bet on these games, giving enough fouls to the Heat and non-calls to the Mavs in order to beat the Vegas spread. The Heat are not just playing against the Mavs, they also have to play against the bad, no, horrible calls by these so called professional referees.

The Heat are by all definition playing against all odds

funniest line ever you sound like wade "everybodys happy when the heats losing"

game 4 refs favor heat. heat get more calls than anyone, everyone sells there fouls but lebron james flop vs derrick rose that's the problem, when there is no contact and someone flops, at least nowitzki draws contact.

Wow heat bandwagoners are creeping all over the place.

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