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December 09, 2011


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I trust this ownership but sometimes I just wanna say.... REALLY CUBES???

wow this is great news. We got Dr. Funk! coach you were 5-76 last year, why the playoff talk. well, we made some good trades, and we got the Funk.

wait a minute, is this still 2006? no? oh, well in that case another brilliant waste of money. not only is CArter miles past his prime, he still acts like a prima donna in his prime and could not be less of a fit for the team chemistry the Mavs have (had).

local teams are apparently run by chimps now. Rangers forever lack pitching, finally get some, then let both Lee and Wilson go scot-free. Mavs forever lack a true center, finally get one (and win title with him) and let him go, scot-free.

does anyone actually think before they make these moves now?

swami,nothing you wrote makes any sense.Lee and wilson had to go(were a small market and rely on our farm system to work for us).As for chandler,we got an 11 million trade exception for him and plan on bigger and better things for years to come.Do your research before you open your mouth cause right now your sounding like the chimp.

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