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December 12, 2011


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The difference is you probably didn't need a work visa but were under the visa waiver program (which means no visa needed). Since he's coming to the US to actually work he needs a work visa which can be a pain to get.

Excuse me? Are you really comparing tourist visas with working visas? Wow, what a great article.

As someone who is very familiar with US work visas, here goes:

Rudy F does not have a Green Card. This means that he works (plays) in the US only under the employer who sponsors him. His current work visa had "Portland Trailblazers" as his employer, which is not true any more. You can not enter the US with such incorrect paperwork.

It is the fault of Rudy, his agent/manager, and perhaps our Mavs management to not get his visa transferred to under the Dallas Mavericks.

When an employer hires a foreign worker, they "sponsor" the worker. They vouch for the worker's skills and to a small extent, behavior and compliance of the petitioner.

This matter could take weeks to fix.

The bigger mistake from Cubes...giving away a late round gift in Jordan Hamilton. He doesn't enter the league as ACC POY like Josh Howard did, but Hamilton's upside is greater.

I was so happy that Jordan slid to Dallas...with guys like Kidd and Dirk around him...just another example of a program, just like San Antonio, who has little history of success developing players.

Fernandez is a good role player but like Houston trading Rudy Gay for Shane Battier...a very shortsighted move. Of course, so few teams EVER get it right in the NBA. Fact of the matter, most of it is luck (i.e. - high draft picks in years of Lebrons, Duncans, Ewings, Jordans). I love the NBA but I hate the fact NBA GMs are ridiculously bad. I swear to God, check the records...typical NBA GM is maybe 1 for every 5. Maybe.

Did anyone ever think this was a long range move by the Mavs to getting more capspace for the future of the franchise? Look at the CBA look at the team salaries at hoopshype.com/salaries.htm a some teams will have even bigger decisions to make in 2 or 3 years, but not the Mavs.

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