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January 07, 2012


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Delonte West wasn't even on the team last year anyways. Tyson Chandler should go over there he was a huge part of the mavs championship, and J.J Barea

Stuff happens, Delonte can visit next year when we win it all( without an asterisk.) He's so undervalued, baggage and all, I see him thriving in Big D, glad to have him aboard.

As far as sell-outs go - good riddance. TC was questioned on extension mid-season and he kepT the same stance that NBA is a business and he should do what's best for him. What MBT say? Remember, Dirk said "Tyson is the MVP" and club said "he deserves to shop himself" with his outstanding performance and leadership, knowing full well of our gooD-Willed intentions. Dirk and Kidd gave the "homeboy discount." We offered $20M/1yr and he said I'm worth at least $58M/4yr??? so... u do the math! Don't even get me started on a $5M/yr backup's backup. D-Dub tellya Rubio da bomb!

The guy is a complete moron!

Refreshing that an athlete (any athlete for that matter)will own up and take responsibility for his or her own actions or mistakes. So many times all we hear is "it wasn't my fault" or "I didn't know" as they try to minimize or place the blame elsewhere. I hope he has a long and productive career with the Mavericks.

You ain't missing nothing...Who cares about Obummer?? Certainly not me.....

Really..really..really..(and another really)! The players who should go to the white house should be the NBA winners BEFORE the trades. Those are who proved they are champions including Chandler and Barea. West and other new guys will not honestly feel the honor in their heart. So, West should not panic cause he is not one of them.

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