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February 19, 2012


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It's time for Terry to face the music now...Terry try to be a little humble when or you eventually will stick your shoe in your own mouth and slap yourself in the face it won't look good on yoy my friend..

Terry you dirk riding bitch, clank that 3-pointer eh?
A d-league yellow monkey ballED you, go back to Africa!

Two things. Kin has helped a team win more games in his first eight starts than Terry did in his first four seasons.

Also, you don't bench a player for opening up the floor. The Knicks O is dire without Lin and he's a D Leaguer. He'll get better but he runs the floor and is closer to an actual Point Guard than Jet was for the first half of his career.

Like Bill Parcells once said it's only seven games, don't take out the annointing oils just yet. Terry can talk all he wants. He's got a ring. Until Lin earns one, he's not in the same zip code as JET.

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