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February 24, 2012


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Well of course Deron and Dwight would LIKE to to team up together with Dirk under Cuban... Who can blame them? But how likely is that really? You can tell Dwight doesnt want to be traded and would rather go wherever he wants to.... But im thinking Orlando will trade him. They'd have to be crazy not to, unless they think his salary coming off the books is more valuable than anything theyd get back in a trade

@Taylor. If the Mavs were to Amnesty Haywood after the season that gives them 40 Mil in cap space, which is enough to offer and give both Deron Williams and Dwight Howard max contracts. It's looking more and more like Howard won't be traded from Orlando because the Magic feel like they can maybe convince him to stay. That puts them both in free agency this off-season. Deron is a Dallas native, and shows wants to play in Dallas by via his actions. Howard wants to play with Williams, and compete for a championship in a major market. Dallas fits the bill there. I'm not saying that getting both is a sure thing, but it's looking more likely as the days and months go on.

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