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May 22, 2012


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Dallas can't trade for Howard because they don't have anything to trade to get him. If Howard is traded he is NOT coming to Dallas.

Jeremy Lin is a restricted free-agent and N.Y. can't afford to let him walk. They would be stupid to let Linsanity leave the city. He puts butts in the seats.

Besides, Lin is a defensive liability, turns the ball over, and is inconsistent. Dallas needs to focus all it's attention on Deron Williams and see what it can put together around he and Dirk.

If Howard gets traded before July 1st (Williams 1st day of free agency) and he get moved to Brooklyn, the Mavs are going to be in deep, deep trouble. They won't get ANYTHING worth while in free agency and it will be the end of the Mavs run as a perennial contender.

So, prepare yourselves, Mavs fans, for perpetual mediocrity.

Well said, Tod.

Thats wrong, Tod. You sound like a Mavs negative nancy. As if this team didnt win a title and theyve done nothing but dissapoint you your whole life. that, or youre a Mavs hater. The Mavs can be contenders with or without Deron Williams or Dwight Howard.

Tony, it's pretty obvious that the lineup they had last year is not going to cut it. Tod, along with myself and the rest of Mavs fans don't want them (Mavs Management) to waste another one of Dirk's prime years. The only way to do that is to add more talent.

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