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May 06, 2012


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"seventh-best record in the Western Conference."?

How about the seventh-worst record in the Western Conference??

As a lifelong Laker fan I was hoping he would adjust to his new situation and do his best for Cuban and the Mavs, but truth is Lamar imploded and never recovered. I'm not surprised they voted not to give him a share of the playoff money. He was himself a distraction. Heck I deserve a playoff share more than Lamar does and I'm an old fat guy in California.

Mark Cuban was responsible for his team not making it; it sure was not Lamar Odom. Cuban got rid of Tyson Chandler and Barea, guys who helped them win a championship. You are not Odom so you don't know why he took the trade so hard. Loyalty means a lot to a scorpio, I know because I am one, and he caused his demise by running his mouth out of anger; I have shot myself in the foot a few times and learned better. Odom has a woman that is in his corner, like her or not, and he will come back. Hopefully it will be with the Lakers. People react differently to different things and there is no set way to react when you are affected. I remember how jubilant and cocky the Mavericks were when they beat the Lakers and now they know how it feels to rub it in. Dirk and Mavericks could have been 2-0 up on the Thunder if Dirk had not mishandled the ball...they couldn't make a basket and had 9 seconds to defend the Thunder and let them steal the game. They did the same thing in the Game 2, got to almost the end of the 4th quarter and let the Thunder go away with that game. So they need to put the blame where it is. I was hoping the Lakers would get them and they get redemption. I noticed Odom didn't want to play against the Lakers really and he had to adjust to the decision he made out of anger.

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