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June 26, 2012


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Seriously??? A few pieces left over from the 'ship team?? How'd that age discrepency treat them in the playoffs this last year...haha, keep selling the hope. Their 'ship was a fluke...and all the NBA knows it because this team ain't getting any younger and if you think 1 individual will take them back there...then you need to find another profession.

Yeah it's just a fluke that the Mavs have made the playoffs 12 years in a row after being the worst franchise in sports. Yeah it must be a fluke. (what's this guy's deal).

Anyways, good article, Mr. Price it is good to see one that does not rely merely on speculation. Good day.

A 50 win tema getting into the playoff and winning games is a fluke???? At least we dont have an asterisk by our title like the Heat.

Hahahahahahaha! Jackson Smith is a hater! Come home Deron we'd love to have you win another ring with Dirk.

A fluke? What planet do you live on? They swept the previous year's champ in humiliating fashion, then took out basically the same OKC team that went to the Finals this yr in 5. Fell behind 2-1 to the Evil Empire but took the next 3 to take the trophy! And that's a fluke?? Go back and watch figure skating because you know nothing about the NBA!

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