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June 30, 2012


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what the idiots should have done was take Jared Sullinger who fell all the way to 21st. i don't care if he has a bad back or not, it didn't show up at OSU and he seemed to do just fine there. rare chance to get top 5 talent at the 17 slot and we traded it?!!?! makes zero sense. low salary/low risk drafting him there, and if his back gives out on a rookie deal who cares. does no one there do cost/risk analysis anymore? of all the teams that desperately need cheap potential franchise talent, i can't believe the Mavs passed on him.

even if his back gives out, not taking a chance on a cheapo draft pick is inexcusable. no wonder this team is on the way out, the drafts are always godawful, leaving a team made via free agency as the only option. turrible.

Ever heard of Dirk, Dwain? At least Dallas didn't draft damaged goods like the other Jared. Cunningham is a good match for what thye need to defend Westbrook. Which is much better than drafting a backup for Dirk. And free agency is how they won the title and if they want to do it again, that's the only way that worked for them.

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