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July 19, 2012


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Baloney!!! Grizzlies ain't goin' nowhere dude! What you been smokin' They lost too many players (Mayo?). They ain't nuthin'!! The Mavs will trounce them! Bet on it! Now go back to your Memphis hole under a rock somewhere and leave us Mavs--The KINGS OF THE NBA!--alone!! Dig me?!! Scram!! Git!!

@vsiekavizza. You consider the grizzlies to be a powerhouse???....haha

Mayo has been very impressive in interviews. It sounds like he has matured over the past few rough seasons in Memphis. Mayo is poised for a breakout season, it looks like the Mavs are getting a bargain.

I hope Mayo can cut the Mustard

Suns would lose 60 games??? WTF OJ?

Mike Beasley

Don't see that as a 20-62 team. Fringe playoffs IMO.

Mayo must have been hit in the head too hard by Tony Allen on that airplane if he thinks Dallas with an aging Vince Carter, Marion, Kaman and Brand are going anywhere. Seriously?
The Suns got just as much young talent with Dragic, Gortat, Dudley, Beasley, Marshall, Morris, and Lopez. All they needed was OJ's scoring from the 2 guard slot to put it together.

Good luck going out in the 1st round again Mayo, at least you can be fishing by early May. Dallas is done once they sold their title parts and didnt land any big names to pair with Dirk.

If it wasnt about money then why not go to Boston and start over Jason Terry and have a better shot of getting out the weak eastern conference where only Miami stands in the way?

Congrats to the Mavericks.
Mayo is free, free to play.
Just sit back and enjoy.
I cannot wait for a new season
and watch O.J. in a "big" city.

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