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July 18, 2012


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I will miss Terry more than Kidd. At the same time, I believed that Terry will be gone given the non-sense he had spewed about the free agency (IIRC) during the playoffs. Hopefully, Juice can more than fill up the void on prime-time offense that Terry was loved for, and then some besides being over a decade younger.

With Kidd... I say good riddance. He had to go to allow the youngster develop, and if his conversation about convincing D-Will to stick with Nets weren't just a media creation, I say, good riddance. He himself chose to leave the Mavericks... to go training Lin (to boot).

As for D-Will, I think money played a significant role in his decision even though it will not be accepted as a motivation. Nets' ability to extend $98 million to retain versus Dallas' max at $75m (the CBA limitation). That, and D-Will's acknowledgement that, like Lebron, he isn't one who a team can be built around. They need long term commitments from fellow super-stars (or those close to it) to be successful. It is why, Dirk rules!

I really thought Kidd might want to retire from the same team that drafted him.

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