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July 06, 2012


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don't worry. even though Sessions is vastly overrated we won't get him. we can only offer one year deals because we MUST preserve the cap space so we can bid on nonexistent FAs next year like Dwight Howard (again) and CP3. what a tragic waste of the last good years of Dirk's career. he should demand a trade from this godawful team but he's too classy to do it. no way to treat someone who put in the time and work Dirk has done. way to go Cuban. just sell the damn franchise and get the hell out. i wouldn't have thought it possible to completely torpedo relations 13 months after winning a title, but you managed to do it. congrats.

Forget about D-Will! Forget about Howard! Forget about Sessions! Forget about Terry! Forget about Chandler! Forget about JJ! Forget about JKidd! Forget about Stevenson!

Little Nellie, with Cubes blessing, has a secret supply of superstar basketball talent stashed in the jungles, forests, and deserts of other nations. He's obviously located the next Nowitzki and Olajuwon, not to mention the next Tony Parker. That's why he and Cubes let the Mav's 2012 FA activities crash with a sickening thud, boom, and fireball!

The Mavs will rise from the ashes of this offseason FA with a mighty "High Ho Silver!", and an, "Up, Up, and away into the wild blue yonder!", and a, "Faster than a speeding locomotive!", and a, "Curly! Give me that hammer! BONK!".

We got a roster full of players who don't play sleepy. We got players who don't stand around flat-footed waiting for rocks to bounce their way. No, we scrap and grind. We are fast and mean and we don't shake hands with teams who just beat us and trash-talked us while doing it. We got MJ's killer instinct by God!

Cubes and Little Nellie--I hope Crowder turns out to be a powerhouse NBA hoopster. I hope Cunningham can blaze a trail to more Mav's NBA glory. I hope James makes us forget that Chandler ever existed. But I also hope that a million bucks lands in my lap too. And that ain't gonna happen unless I work extremely hard for it! Ya feel me rookies?!!

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